WHAT IS theIDEAraiser?
theIDEAraiser is a collaborative effort to get the word out about the amazing cancer research and treatment taking place at Aurora St. Luke's Hospital.   more... 


Immunotherapy uses the body's own immune system to fight cancer cells. This treatment is showing huge promise and is poised to become the new standard in cancer treatment and put Milwaukee on the global research stage.  more...

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Research is the only path towards a future without cancer and Aurora is committed to growing its research initiatives. It is only through community awareness and support that top researchers from around the country can be brought to Milwaukee as we work together to revolutionize the standard treatment of cancer.

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The Young TIL trial is saving the lives of patients that have been failed by the current standard treatments of cancer. Watch the 5 minute YouTube video below to learn how the immunotherapy lab at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is growing army's of the patient's strongest cells so that the body can use its own strength to fight and kill the cancer.